You have the right to return the entire order or part of it within 14 calendar days of its receipt. In case of return of the product (s) fill in the special Return Form, which you will find in the package, to let us know the reasons for the return.
In case you exercise the right of withdrawal you are obliged to ship the product (s) in their original packaging so that they have not been / have been tampered with and are in their original (factory) state.
If there is any problem with the order (eg if it is missing, damaged, etc.)
The user is required to notify QS PROFESSIONAL within 48 hours of receipt, accompanied by the required withdrawal statement and the corresponding sales document. Returns will only be accepted after company approval. For the best possible
For your convenience, we recommend that you, within 2 business days of receipt, inform us either by phone or by e-mail of your desire to have it replaced. In the event that replacement due to unavailability of the requested product is not possible, we will contact you with alternatives.
The Return Form gives you the following alternatives:
Replacement: Our Company will do its best to replace the product you returned to us whether this product is defective or a wrong code has been sent to you.
The only costs incurred by the User are those of packaging and shipping which are non-refundable. If return is required, due to a NORNTIS error, the company fully assumes the cost of returning and shipping the correct product.
If the product does not meet the above conditions, it will be refunded to its sender at its own expense.
Refunds: In case of refunds, refund will
completed within 20 business days from the date we receive the products.